Montreal has so much to offer that it can sometimes be a little overwhelming. These sites have been very helpful for connecting and understanding what’s available in Montreal.

Getting to Know the City

Montreal Reddit

The best way to get inside information? Talk to insiders. The Montreal Reddit has been a great source of information for me about events in the city, news, and a look at Montreal culture, too. It can be difficult to quickly integrate into a new city, but Reddit offers a quick way to network and interact with long-time Montrealers.

Eater Montreal

Montreal has some of the best food in the world. Eater Montreal helps you connect with the best options. I’m drooling looking through their pages right now.

Montreal TripAdvisor

Even if you are in Montreal long-term rather than on a trip, playing tourist is a great way to get to know the city. TripAdvisor is another great place to get firsthand information from others who have experienced Montreal.

Facebook Communities

I am not a huge fan of social media, but it’s hard to deny the power of Facebook as a tool to quickly connect with other like-minded people. I’m in a group that helps me connect and communicate with people in the church I attend. A quick search pulled up groups for different cultures, apartment searches, and garage sales groups.

This is a tourism organization that provides reliable information about the city. It’s great for seeing what is coming up soon and what there is to do year-round in Montreal.

Online Thrifting in Montreal

Montreal is surprisingly big on secondhand shopping. There are tons of stores around, but if you are looking for something specific, online thrifting might suit you better.


Kijiji is great for connecting with residents around Montreal to buy or sell second hand. We’ve had a lot of luck with Kijiji and it’s easy to find sellers nearby with just about anything you can think of.


LetGo is very similar to Kijiji. Kijiji seems to be more popular in Montreal, but LetGo has a wide variety of offerings as well.


Online Shopping

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Amazon is so fast & easy – it really is dangerously convenient. Because we don’t have a car, grocery shopping is a little tricky. So, I use Amazon to order snacks and non-perishables when possible. Not breaking news, but it has worked really well for us here.

You have to have a $50 CAD minimum for free shipping, but Walmart has also been really great for us. While Walmart does not do grocery delivery in Montreal, you can quickly set up a grocery pickup, which is very convenient.

What recommendations do you have? Are there any sites that really helped you when moving to Montreal or any other big city? Comment below.